1000 Islands Fishing Diehards Facebook Group

Thanks for all the friendly people at the 1000 Island’s Fishing Diehards Facebook group for all the pics of all the fish caught. If you have questions about fishing in the 1000 Islands area especially the American side, join this group and ask any question except for where the best fishing spots are.

Amazon Shopping List

What to bring / what to buy: Get it on Amazon This list will give you some ideas of what to bring and also what you can buy when you go houseboating! Vicks Vaporub Q:Why do you need Vicks? A: MOSQUITOES!!! No joke, Vicks Vaporub is great for deterring mosquitoes and just as good for

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Visit canadahouseboating.ca CanadaHouseboating.ca launched in 2016 and has become the go to resource for houseboat rentals in Canada. Did you know there are nearly 40 rental companies across Canada where you can rent a houseboat? Ontario and British Columbia are the most popular provinces with houseboat rentals followed by Saskatchewan, Quebec and New Brunswick. Join

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Table of Contents

Sponsored by CanadaHouseboating.ca 4. 1000 Islands comic 6. Thinking about booking a houseboat in the 1000 Islands? Ask Pete! 9. Fishing the St Lawrence River in the 1000 Islands 15 Explore the Local Food of the 1000 Islands 18. Aerial View with 1000 Islands Helicopter Tours 21. 1000 Islands Helicopter Tours 22. What to bring

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