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What to bring / what to buy: Get it on Amazon

This list will give you some ideas of what to bring and also what you can buy when you go houseboating!

Vicks Vaporub

Q:Why do you need Vicks?

vicks vaporub mosquitoes

No joke, Vicks Vaporub is great for deterring mosquitoes and just as good for relieving mosquito bites.

You can buy bug spray, get those electronic mosquito repellers, bracelets and really Vicks works the best. Try it!

Don’t believe me? Google it!

Coleman 5-Gallon Collapsible Water Carrier

Some houseboats have a large supply of drinking water but this is still a great thing to grab which you can use for camping or any other type of road trip. It is collapsible so when you need to be more mindful of space, this is great to store in the car.

5 gallon collapsible water carrier

Coleman Pine Scented Citronella Candle, Crackle Wick

You can use Vicks Vaporub to get the mosquitoes away but a good citronella candle is still nice to have. You’ll want this if you are stuck in the shade or if you have sunset and the mosquitoes come out.

Antech Manual Food Chopper

DJI Mavic Air, Onyx Portable Quadcopter Drone

dji mavic drone

Drones are so cool and the DJI Mavic is one of the flagship drones from DJI. These things are fun to fly and take amazing pictures and video.

Just be sure to follow the local laws pertaining to drones. In some countries you have to register your drone with the local authorities and get drone insurance.

Also check not just for weather conditions but to learn of no-fly zones.

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ThorFire Collapsible LED Camping Lantern Hand Crank USB Rechargeable Tent Light

thorfire camping hand crank light lampOk try saying that 3 times fast! This hand crank lamp is more than practical but it can charge your electronics too if you are in need of a power supply. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and you can use as a lamp or a flashlight.

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Intex Explorer 300

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak

Outward Hound Kyjen 22021 Ripstop Dog Life Jacket

Rapala Ultra Lite Lure Kit

Kids Fishing Pole,Light and Portable Telescopic Fishing rod for Youth Fishing

Thule Force – Large 628 Cargo Box

This Thule cargo box will make your life easier. When you start packing your car or SUV, you might realize you need more space and it’s just easier to have a cargo box so you can take everything you need to without having to leave stuff behind because of space restrictions.

Ugly Stik Shakespeare GX2 Spinning Rod Combo

Docooler 101Pcs Fishing Lures

Docooler 101 pc fishing luresThis lure kit is not too expensive and a popular buy on Amazon. It features a wide array of lures so if you can’t make up your mind on what to get, get everything!

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