Letter From The Editor

Welcome to the very first edition of Houseboat Explorer Magazine. We will be referring to the magazine as HEM for short. This magazine exists today because of a chance trip on a houseboat to the 1000 Islands back in 2015. That trip happened unexpectedly as I was trying to find a cottage to rent but got frustrated with the search and somehow stumbled upon the idea of houseboating. After the first houseboat trip with my friend, and now business partner, we wondered where else in Canada can you rent a houseboat? After days of compiling the data, we realized there wasn’t a good resource for listing all the rental companies across Canada and canadahouseboating.ca was born.

Fast forward a few years and now we are building out houseboatinfo.com as a worldwide directory for all things related to houseboating and this digital magazine for HEM which focuses on the travel and tourism aspect, usually sticking with the theme of houseboating. That said, there are so many interesting places around the world to visit to experience houseboating. You have numerous locations all over the United States, India, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and several countries in Europe

It is in the 1000 Islands Canada where this magazine starts and we are eager to share our knowledge of the area. I’m hoping this magazine will be your gateway towards visiting the area whether on the Canadian side, American side or both.

For those that have never tried houseboating before but have enough interest in it, I highly recommend it. It’s a great way to enjoy nature and ‘mostly’ get disconnected from our highly connected life of phones, computers and screens.

What does houseboating mean for me?

Every trip I take I know it’s an opportunity to be forced off my computer and my phone. If anything, the phone is more of an accessory to take pics and videos but as someone whose job revolves around being in front of a computer all day, getting disconnected is the break I always look forward to. When I travel or go on any other types of vacations, I always feel the urge to get on my computer and get a few hours of work in. When I’m on a boat, even if I have the opportunity to connect to my phone’s data, it is hard to want to be online when you can go fishing, swimming, hiking, sunning or whatever floats your boat, pun intended.

What do I hope you’ll get out of this magazine?

I just want to share my love of houseboating & travel and I want this magazine to inspire you to plan your next trip or maybe even become an owner of a houseboat. I’d like for this magazine to teach you a few things. The Explorer component of the magazine is all about the destination and I want to share some of the amazing places around the world that are worth visiting. Everytime I discover a new place to visit, I get excited and want to experience it and share it with you.

Special Thanks To

Too many people helped with making this magazine a reality and in no particular order:

  • Jeff Garnsey
  • Peter Latch
  • Kevin Durkee
  • Mo Robert
  • Pascal Gaggelli
  • 1000 Islands Fishing Diehards group
  • Happy Days Houseboats

Your houseboating captain,

John Wright

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