The HydroHouse: A houseboat with a dock for a sea plane

hydrohouse houseboat design Max Zhivov

First question: What is the hydrohouse and when can I get one?

Hydrohouse is a mobile houseboat equipped with parking for sea planes. The advantage of this houseboat is that it can be delivered to the location in two containers, the assembly of the houseboat is made on the spot.

hydrohouse aerial view

At the moment I am looking for an investor for this project and companion for its realization.

What is your goal for the hydrohouse, is it just a design or is this something you want to see made into production?

Max Zhivov houseboat interior design

I really want to see hydrohouse in production and I am sure the hydrohouse will be popular project.

Your futuristic houseboat designs have given you some major media coverage, how do you feel when people are viewing and sharing your designs all across social media?

I like that people appreciate my works. I hope that some of my concepts will be realized someday with media help.

You have other houseboat designs which look amazing, tell us about what you created.

houseboat modul go Max Zhivov

On my web site are presented 6 projects of houseboats. Most interesting for customers are ModulGo, Hydrohouse and Moon. They have more requests than others. I think that other projects have more standard design and that’s why do not attract so much attention.

Tell us more about your Modul Go design, what would you estimate the cost of these models to be and how can you configure this houseboat?

The main idea of Modul GO project is to create an inexpensive solution for life on water. It is mobile and easily modified houseboat that adopts for customer needs. Modul GO can be a standard living module with two rooms, cafe, equipment rental point, the base for hydroplanes, boat refueling module, cargo variant for transporting of goods and small passenger cars. Houseboats can be adopted for most of the specific requirements.

The houseboat is made on the basic platforms with size 9 m x 4,5 m and 13 m x 6,5 m.

For Modul GO are developed 10 types of sections that have following dimensions: width is 2,4 m and height is 2,3 m and also there is a type of section with an increased height that is 3,5 m. Sections can have windows of different types or walls without any openings. Modul GO houseboats are equipped with electric motors and solar panels and are fully ecological. Power of electric motors is chosen according to houseboat model and its functions. The houseboat is designed in such way that can be easily transported by two euro tracks and quickly assembled by 4 people over 2 days.

Modul GO is a good idea for a water village to rent for vacations. Located in a picturesque setting it can become very popular as an inexpensive and quick escape from civilization. It also can change its location and become a traveling eco-village.

For Modul GO there will be a mobile application developed that can let you choose the section types that will be installed on the platform and see your future houseboat on the screen of a smartphone with all tech specifications and calculate the price.

At the moment we are working on this project, we want to reduce the cost of the base module and soon will have some prices.

Do you think these houseboats could be produced and perhaps something people could buy in the future?

Yes, I am sure that this project can be popular, especially among tour operators.

Why did you decide to work on houseboat designs?

Max Zhivov houseboat designs

I have the education of an architect, I always liked houseboats, because they stand in the middle between architecture and yacht design, I think that in this segment may appear very interesting objects that stand between the two creative areas.

What are some of your favourite lakes to go boating on?

I really want to visit the Norwegian fjords and lakes in North America and Canada. And now as I live on Volga river in Russia I go boating here.

Out of all the places to go houseboating in Canada, which place would you want to visit and why?

I would love to visit the lake very much Temagami, Ontario, Canada

Are you working on more houseboat designs and what can we expect to see from you in the near future?

Now I continue to work on the ModelGO, this is a very large project. I want to realize it very much in nearest future.

About Max Zhivov

Max is an architect from Samara Russia that has a passion for design and a talented designer of houseboats.


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